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Bali is a beautiful island that is in harmony with nature. It is also known worldwide for having a unique colorful spiritual culture. Inherent in the fascinating culture are its many rituals and practices which originated thousands of years ago, and till today they have survived. Such is the endurance of Balinese culture, which in turn reflects on the deep faith and resilience of the Balinese people.

Bali island is the ultimate get-way holiday for tourist from all corners of the globe. Every year more than 1 million visitors come to Bali to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the island and of course the Sunny weather.

Few people say Bali is the “Island of Paradise”..others say Bali is the “Island
of A Thousand Temples”. Here you can explore the beautiful landscapes, culture and beaches or explore other Bali activities that you like to have fun! We cater to all needs from the young at heart to the more easy-going and laid back
packages. We are here to meet your needs. Bali has it all, from the international Bali hotels to the more modest accommodations.


Bali general info :
General Information about Bali Island, find out Where is Bali Island? how's Bali weather, lands, bali beaches,
population, flora and fauna, people, culture and Bali Island Travel formalities, etc.
Get the answers here!

Read our Hotel Guide :
Planning a trip to Bali? Take a look at our hotels rate and tours guide. Whether you’re looking for a budget
accommodation or a 5-star hotel, you will find it here. Browse our listings. When you find what you’re looking for, book directly include the hotel!.

Visa Regulation :
The government of Indonesia has changed its visa policy for foreign tourists effective February 1st.,2004


Bali Karisma tour

Visiting Indonesia Without Any Visa :
Entering Indonesia without any visa is possible now only for nationals of the following 11 countries andterritories: Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore,Thailand and Vietnam.Citizens of the above countries will be issued on arrival a stay permit for 30 days free ofcharge upon presentation of a passport which is valid at least for another 6 months. This stay permit cannot beextended or converted into another type of visa.

VISA on ARRIVAL (VoA):This facility is now available fornationals of the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria,Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland,Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Libya, Lichtenstein, Lithuania,Luxembourg, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, People's Republic of China, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America.Citizens of these countries will be able to apply for a VoA valid for either 7 or 30 days upon arrival by air in Bali, Jakarta and a few other international airports or by ship at a limited number of Indonesian sea ports. A 7-day visa costs US$10 and a 30-day visa costs US$25.The VoA cannot be extended or converted into any other kind of visa. Also be aware that Immigration officials calculate the 30-day period as follows: your arrival day is counted as your first day, and you must leave the country on the 30th. day!


How to Obtain the "VISA on ARRIVAL

(VoA)Travelers from the above countries must be in possesion of a passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and the completed embarkation/disembarkation card they received from their airline. They must also be able to prove they have sufficient funds for their stay in Indonesia.

Arriving travelers with Visa-On-Arrival status have to go first to one of the "VoA Counters" to pay the appropriate fee and have their passports stamped with the VoA before proceeding to the Immigration Clearance Desk. An official bank is part of the VoA service counters. Payment of visa fees can be made in all major currencies or by VISA or MASTERCARD.


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